The best food

The best prices.

We really care about our customers. Every item on our menu has been tweaked and tested many times before we actually offer it.

We’re not into throwing a load of toppings on to a burger just for the sake of it. Everything is there for a reason.

All of our burgers use high quality meat and are served on a beautiful toasted brioche bun. We don’t put any filler into our burgers, they’re 100% beef and seasoned on the outside. Filler is for losers.

Every piece of chicken is floured and cooked to order. We don’t believe in freezing things if they don’t need to be. We end up covered in flour half an hour into service but the results make it worth it.

The sausages we use for our hot dogs are all imported from Germany. We tried loads before we finally settled on the 2 sausages we now use for the kids and regular hot dogs.

Basically, we actually give a fuck about what we do.